その文書というのは、アメリカの情報公開法に基づいてオープンにされた報告書などを、FBI(連邦捜査局)がウェブで一般公開しているライブラリ「The Vault」で見つけた「Sun Myung Moon」という資料の中にある。おそらく米国で誰かが情報公開請求したのではないかと思われる。最近アップロードされたのだろうが詳細は不明。


岸・笹川と統一教会に関する記述は、全部で14ある「Sun Myung Moon」と名付けられたファイルの中の、確認できただけで2つのファイル(内容が重複したものも含めると3つ)に存在する。以下、「Sun Myung Moon」から岸や笹川と統一教会について書かれた記述。下手に翻訳して間違えてもいけないので、GoogleとExciteで翻訳されたページへのリンクを下に張っておく。

Rhee also helped establish the Korean Cultural and Freedom Foundation, but, though he still professes support for the church’s goal, he insists he is no longer actively involved in the church’s affairs. Through his representation in the World Karate Association, however, Rhee is connected to one of the church’s principal Japanese backers, Sasagawa Ryoichi, who founded and heads the association. Sasagawa is now one of Japans most prominent financiers and behind the scenes political figure. In the 1930s, he was a leading advocate of imperial expansion and an architect of Japan’s wartime strategy. After the war, he was imprisoned for a time as a “class A” war criminal. Sasagawa admits helping fund the anti-Sukarno coup in Indonesia in 1965 and reputedly exerts large influence over today’s Japanese criminal underworld.

Although Unification Church officials deny any financial links between Sasagawa and the church. Colonel Pak told Pacific News that Sasagawa is Moon’s “chief ally in the battle against communism” .

Much of that battle is now waged by Moon’s inter-national federation for the victory over communism. The head of the Japanese branch of the international federation for victory over communism is former prime minister Kishi Nobusuke, a close associate of Sasagawa – they met in prison after the war. The IFVC, in, turn, is a major component of the World Anti-Communist League, a very influential right wing pressure group, especially in Asian affairs, which was founded and financed by Sasagawa.


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What outside backing does Moon have? Substantial sums may come from right wing Japanese industrialists and groups that are eager to reestablish the economic power Japan once held over Korea and who consider Moon “their man.” Former Japanese Prime Minister Kishi, leader of the violently anti-Peking faction of the liberal Democratic Party, is actively associated with Moon’s International Federation for VictOry over Communism.


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「Sun Myung Moon」は文鮮明、「Unification Church」は統一教会、「international federation for victory over communism = IFVOC」」は国際勝共連合、「World Anti-Communist League = WACL」は世界反共連盟、「Liberal Democratic Party」は自民党を、それぞれ指している。

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